The Magic of the Triple Y

Allow me to introduce the Triple Y – the 3 most fashionable and stylish Yorkies in the game: Louis, Coco and Sonny. This glamorous trio truly makes the Yorkshire Terriers, the most popular toy dog breed in the U.S., proud. Their Instagram portfolio, filled with fashion, joy, and passion, includes over 3.000 pictures with just as many different outfits.

Their very prudent and deliberate* Momager who went to a fashion school in NYC, has 3 unconditional passions: her fluffy furkids, the Prêt-à-Porter fashion and the magic of mystery. As you can probably sense it by now, the mystery of the magic lays in the number 3. The yummy fruits of her passions are the hilarious images of the cute power trio that will make you smile at least 3 times a day. And the members of the Triple Y are:


Louis - the Brain

Louis – the Brain

Louis is the oldest of the highly stylish Yorkie bunch. Due to his extensive experience in the fashion industry, this big dog in a small body calls all the shots when it comes to important business fashion decisions. He also has his own talk show on Instagram called ‘Late Night with Louis’.



Coco – the Body

The enchanting Coco is the Head Beauty In Charge (HBIC) of the Triple Y. Besides looking fabulous, she overlooks the smooth organization of the photo shoots. Her BBFN (Best Bia*ch For Now) is the shining Sparkles The Diva. Their lovely exchange of compliments have inspired many other fellow divas such as Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj or Iggy Azalea.


Sonny: The Heart

Sonny – the Heart

Behind every successful woman there is a man wearing her chain. Sonny is the hottest New Yorkie in the game. He parties like a rockstar, listens to Gangsta Rap and only trusts people who like big butts. Rumors are, he has a big crush on Coco’s girlfriend in crime – the bootylicious Priscilla. The two are said to secretly date (TMZ story developing). Because of his young age, his trustful nature and his kind heart, his only responsibility is to stay out of trouble and far away from Don Juan de Flavio.

The exclusive Triple Y Calendar

To showcase the beauty and style of the adorable fashion icons, I followed my inspiration and compiled a slideshow calendar. Why a calendar? The answer is simple. As you know, each year has 12 months and 4 seasons. The number of months divided by the number of seasons equals 3! Now you can connect the dots…

Enjoy the pawsome calendar slideshow of the fantabulous Triple Y. Click on the circles below or on the left or right side of the picture.

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* As mentioned in @dogcrushdaily

All images @michcant

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