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Fluff & Stuff is a fun and entertaining website about dogs for dog owners and those who simply love dogs. Hence life is serious enough, Fluff & Stuff is all about fun.

Chief Entertaining Officer of Fluff & Stuff

puchi shihtzu fluffstuff

Puchi the @fabulous_shihtzu
I’m a spoiled little diva. Blame it on my breed and upbringing. My IQ would exceed your expectations, I understand more than 150 words. I express my feelings via my facial expressions. Sarcasm is my hobby. Sleep comes before work (check the dictionary). I’m fully aware of my adorable looks and I extensively use and abuse them for my harmless goals. Like any woman, I want my affection and attention when I want it. And yeah, I’m the HBIC (Head Beauty In Charge) of Fluff & Stuff.

Pawsome Guest Writers

Meet Fluff & Stuff’s pawsome writers. If you would like to write an article, please send me a sweet email and tell me a little about your wonderful self.

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