Diary of a Traveling New Yorkie: When in Milan…

My name is Miso Soup and I am a traveling Yorkshire Terrier!

I don’t know how I got to be so lucky as to have spent the last two years on planes, trains and automobiles but I have to assume my puppy dog eyes and big pointy ears had a lot to do with it!

Classic Puppy Dog Eyes

You see, I wasn’t always a jet-setter, I was your typical New Yorkie, busy life, busy schedule until one day my human decided to pack up and go! Go where?! I had no idea, but if one thing was sure there was no way this chick was leaving without me. I pulled all the stops in convincing her to take me; I aced my Vet Exam, I agreed to get micro-chipped, and promised I would be on my best behavior in getting my international Pet Pawssport. The plane ride was long, confusing, and very much lacking in leg room, but I kept my grievances to myself because God forbid this human refused to claim me at customs if I complained too much!

My last days as a New Yorkie before I became MisoSoupTravels!

So on my first stop, and my first international home away from home, I found myself in the capital of Fashion, or as I like to refer to as the most dog friendly city in the world. Everyone in Milan loves and welcomes dogs everywhere! This worked out great for me as now I could really tag along and take advantage of all the sightseeing I had been hearing about.

After a busy day house hunting in Milan.

While in Milan, I took multiple selfies in front of the majestic Duomo, which is no easy task with all the people and pigeons constantly trying to photo bomb my shots. Adjacent to the Duomo I visited Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II where I often enjoyed people watching, window shopping, and spritz drinking. Further in the city was Brera, another area of the city I enjoyed quite a bit.

Selfie at Piazza Duomo on a cold winter’s day…brrr

Feeling like a true Milanese at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Brera’s cobble stone streets have a therapeutic quality to them, and somehow, no matter how lost you get, you’ll always wind up at the entrance of the beautiful Pinacoteca containing works of art by the great human masters!

Lost in Brera, desperately seeking gelato!

Finally one of my favorite past-times, as was for my Milanese entourage was to head over to the Navigli area for an evening aperitivo (think happy hour + endless buffet!). Oh how much fun we had in Milano, both in the summer and fall, but what I loved most about this Milanese stint was that it gave me amazing access to visit beautiful places throughout Italy and France all at the drop of a hat!

Just me and my Vespa…

I hope to share with you some more dog-tails from my travel diary very soon!

To be continued…

All images @misosouptravels