The Faces You Make On Your First Date

Every love story starts (or ends) with a first date. As much as you try to hide your true feelings, your facial expressions might just give it away. Check out the hilarious facial expressions of these pawsome dating candidates.

“You’re so smooth. I have never felt anything so smooth before.” @marcelabiancardi

Let’s get it on. @tuskthedog

A date with two Yorkies… I don’t think I can drink that much.  @na29chi

Yes, I am a hipster. And hipsters wear hats to dates. Even if it’s 100 degrees outside! @marloweandshakes

When your date looks better than expected and all you can think of is… @fletchy_the_frenchie

The face you make when you meet your Tinder date for the first time. @williecute

When you wake up the next morning and her makeup is gone. @willowhuskybear

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