Meet Winston

Winston is a 1-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He was born in the English countryside and then moved to London, where he now resides with his family.

His Momager Rachel Oates is a London based Pet Photographer. Since getting her gorgeous Winston, she realised how much fun it was documenting Winston growing up. That’s when she decided to focus on creative pet photography.

Winston is not only an inspiration, but he is also an incredibly loving and caring dog. As a Corgi, he loves meeting all humans and dogs that come across his path. The handsome Corgi Winston was already featured in the Dogs Today magazine (Oct 15 issue) in the ‘My Dog Crush’ section, which happened to be all about Corgis.

Take a look at the beautiful photographs of the Welsh Corgi Winston taken by his talented Momager Rachel Oates!

I love palm trees, so I bought this house.

So… tell me about the relationship with your parents.

Look who’s working late!

I’m not grouchy. I just need my morning coffee.


I’ sticking to my diet. I’ sticking to my diet. I’ sticking to my diet.

For more beautiful pictures of Winston, visit Winston’s Instagram!

All images @winnythecorgi