Louis of the Triple Y Retires

Yep! It’s official. Louis of the Triple Y has left the Instagram building. The host of the late night show ‘Late Night with Louis’ is retiring at the age of 11.5 years. According to his Momager, who confirmed the breaking news, Loius has been planning his retirement for some time now. The final decision was made on Christmas.

Louis is the oldest of the highly stylish Yorkie bunch. Due to his endless experience in the fashion industry, this big dog in a small body calls all the shots when it comes to important business fashion decisions. At the moment, it’s unclear if Louis will officially remain behind the scenes, write a tell-it-all book or just move to Florida and sip on Martinis. Yet, we all hope that he will still be making cameo appearances now and then.

Good docs or good genes?

Good docs or good genes?

Based on the picture that has been posted to announce his retirement, we are unsure of Coco’s level of involvement in this latest development.

Coco and Sonny at the press conference.

Here are just a few heartbreaking reactions from Louis’ friends and fans:

@shellsherree : Oh, dear beautiful Louis!! I’m having a little cry because I’m going to miss you so much but it’s so loving of your mummy to make sure you can relax and smell the roses. Happy retirement, sweetie. Thank you for brightening my day every time I see you. I love you!! Coco and Sonny, I’m so glad you are here to make me chuckle. Love you, too, cuties!

@misterbaguette : Awwwww I’m gonna miss late night with Louis!! How can anyone replace him? What about the jokes?! Thanks for making me chuckle everyday Louis. Love you!!!

@ohmydoggies : I know I am going to miss him so much and will be one of those annoying, yet adoring fans, clamoring to put him in a photo. I will TRY and restrain myself but I love the old guy. I miss you already Louis! Thanks for all of the wonderful late night jokes and entertaining photos. Have fun and annoy the youngbloods just because YOU CAN!

@michnanayyanna : Oh, I’m going to miss your late night jokes, Louis! You nailed it every time! Always make me laugh. Maybe now that you’re on retirement, you’ll publish a book of your late night jokes? That’s what retirees do, right? Hope to see your guest appearances from time to time. Love you!

@cathypier : Louis has brought love and light to so many. This is his time to shine and reflect on what a beautiful mommy he has. Thank you, Louis, for your consistent laughter, beautiful face and ears like no other. Enjoy retirement….that is if Coco and sonny let you. Love always.

@bigchunkymonkey : Awe sweet Louis we will miss you but totally understand! I know with monkey there will be a time he’ll retire too. You’ll be missed, funny guy but I know these two will keep us laughing! Love you all tons!

@maya_on_the_move : My man Louis is still there! He just moved behind the scenes! He’s the dude lounging with a martini making fun of these two weirdos. Well played, Mister L! Love you guys sooo much!

@frugalfunfab : Aww Louis! You’ve brought so much happiness to all of us, especially our family. Every night when I was pregnant with Emmy I would get my late night with Louis fix just before bed. Every evening ended with a smile. I’ll always remember that! Happy retirement little fella- you will be missed!!

@shihtzuswag : Awww sweetest Louis… The ears that launched a million laughs! Being around when you were in your prime was the doggie equivalent of our love affair with Robin Williams The BEST LATE NIGHT COMEDY EVER! And @maya_on_the_move paints the perfect visual! A martini and the finger!!! And Louis don’t ever forget… You always killed it! Your mom knows what’s in your puppy heart and what’s best for you! If Ma was half as wise as your mom, we would be farting through silk doggie beds!!! YOU ARE THE BEST DOGGIE MOM EVER! Let’s get schwasted!!! We love you Louis and it was a privilege to be tucked in by you every night! We miss you already!

@kfitzy5 : Sweet sweet Louis! Love him so much and we are sad not to see you as often but we totally respect your decision to retire. Your health is the most important thing to us, love!

@sixpackshack : We were at a Christmas party last night and I shared many of Louis’ #latenightwithlouis bits. We had lots of laughs and “aww’s” at the pics. Thanks for the happiness! Enjoy retirement, Louis!

Louis, take good care of your ears! You can always come back! Phil Collins did it. Cher did it. Bruce Jenner did it. Jay-Z did it. Kobe Bryant might still do it.

All images @michcant

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