Best Halloween Costumes

Do dogs celebrate Halloween? Of course! Take a look at some of the amazing, scary, creative and funny Halloween costumes of the year. Let the dogs inspire you!

Sorry, Alf! Household rule # 856, subsection D, paragraph e: We do NOT eat the cat! @oliverthegoldendoodle

Hi! I’m Chucky and I’m your friend till’ the end! @changothehandsomepittie

It’s Holmes. Sherlock Holmes. @rambothepuppy

Darth Vader invites you to the dark side! @bellalovesbeau

Coco the witch @michcant

Do you wanna play a game? @ipartywithbrucewayne

Trick or treat? @operation_sumo

Sparkles as a little innocent lamb @sparklesdiva

Scruffy – a man who is always in touch with his feminine side. @scruffy_in_seattle

Tyrionosaurus @tyrionthefrenchie

Tater Inc. – delivering potatoes since 2014 @potato_mctater

Kardie – the Budweiser Clydesdale @kartinkardi

Welcome, I’m the Bullificent, and I’ll be your fairy for tonight. @pandorable_n_co

Waiting for my Mr. Gatsby. @martamusaphotography

Gene Simmons @bigchunkymonkey

Zeus of Shih Tzus @shaytoun_the_shihtzu

Don’t let the nice weather fool you! @yogi000008

No crime will go unpunished in our city tonight!@marcel_the_frenchbulldog

Last but not least… And yes, you guessed it right! Sincerely yours, Puchi…

As the flying angel of the night, I witch you a happy Halloween! 🚀 P.S. Don’t text and fly! @fabulous_shihtzu

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