Sparkles The Diva

All that glitters isn’t gold. And if it’s not gold, it must be Sparkles!

Sparkles is 4 year old Shih Tzu and a divalicious fashionista from Alpharetta, Georgia. Behind every diva, there is a staff of personal stylists, assistants and photographers. Just like Mini Pita, she is under a lifelong contact with the Momager, the world biggest agency for dogs.


Sparkles is so glam. she sweats glitter!

As her Instagram name clearly states, she is a diva. And like every diva should, she is not afraid to unleash her inner sparkle.


A diva moment: some have them more than others.

Even a snow storm can’t stop Sparkles from looking fabulous. While most of us are covered in warm attire from head to toe, she uses the snow flakes as her natural hair decoration made by mother nature. Of course, a snow matching white ski suit with a dark blue pattern is a must.


Snow looks good on me!

Ski suits to bikinis… Sparkles loves all seasons. The shih tzu diva admits to be an all weather diva. In the summer, she frequently visits the beach to showcase her latest bikinis.


Beaching with style!

Sparkles is single when she needs to be. She occasionally dates one of the baddest mothafluffas on Instagram, the womanizer Flàvio Da Fluff. However, she is always ready to take it to the next level.


Ready for my Mr. Right!

Inspired by fashion, Sparkles extended her brand by opening a diva boutique where she sells everything she only wore once to humans.

Head over to Instagram to see more of  the fabulous Sparkles!

All images © sparklesthediva

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