Relationship Goals

It’s not what we have in our life, but who we have in our lives that makes us happy. Of course, with a few exceptions…

Kiss me, baby… One more time! @clevelandcanines


Love me tender, love me sweet, never let me go…  @floyd_the_french_bulldog


She: All day not a word, not a smile. No feelings. He doesn’t love me anymore. Is he seeing someone else? I’ll kill myself. No, I’ll kill him.
He: Ha, a fly. A fly on the ceiling. How the hell does the fly hold itself with those tiny little feet on the ceiling?


When you can’t take your eyes off her… @izzyazshihtzu


When she makes you breakfast on a Sunday… @exxalovahusky


When he stays up all night because you fell asleep on his hip…. @elvis_thefrenchbulldog


Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t… @3frenchiesinapod 


Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Small, large, circle, square, thin crust, thick crust, extra toppings. @homerpugalicious

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