Chewy, My Unexpected Friend

Chewy came into my life in an unexpected way, when I did not want and could not take care of a dog.

I worked ten-hour days in a job that I loved. I felt responsible, fulfilled and important and loved going into work each day. My neighbor, let’s call her Julia, brought home a puppy and called me over the night he came home. He was adorable, shy and fluffy. His name was Chewy because he reminded Julia of Chewbacca. She continued to raise him and I continued to work ten-hour days. All worked well when I needed a fluffy fix I would go next door.

chewy pompom

A month later in the middle of the night there was a pounding on my door. Because of my work schedule you can tell I LOVE my sleep. I begrudgingly dragged myself out of bed and answered the door. Julia was there with Chewy. She looked rattled. Julia said she needed to leave quickly and if I could watch Chewy until she got back. She didn’t wait for an answer just put him in my hands and left down the stairs. Chewy sat in my arms watching his mommy leave, whimpering slightly.


Exhaustion pulled me back to bed where I placed him beside me and we fell asleep together. The next morning when my alarm woke me up I couldn’t find Chewy. I started panicking and yelling his name around the apartment. I finally found him hiding under my front buffet. It took three very large pieces of cheese to bribe him out. I called in sick that day, my first day calling in sick, and stayed home. Chewy and I went out and bought everything a puppy would need (with more cheese bribing).

I called Julia three times that day with no answer. I sent her four texts. Nothing. Thankfully it was a Friday and Chewy and I spent an amazing weekend together. Not once did I open my laptop or check my emails. I was distracted and busy with Chewy. Everything he did mesmerized me and the more time we spent together the more he trusted me. He wasn’t skittish anymore and he slept in him crate (Ok maybe in my bed for the first couple days).


That was six months ago. I never heard from Julia again and even if I did I wouldn’t ever be able to give Chewy up. It was hard finding a balance between work and Chewy. Work didn’t seem as important anymore. I cut down my hours, came home at lunch, and kept work where it belonged, at work. Home time was for Chewy. It was a hard transition but not in the way you think. It wasn’t hard for me to cut down on work, it was hard for my work to cut down on me. Thankfully they were supportive, I know a lot of jobs wouldn’t be.

cute Pomeranian

My life has changed so completely and I don’t know what I would do without him. He makes me appreciate the small things and taking the time to enjoy myself. He makes me happy and I feel responsible, fulfilled and important in a whole new way. Chewy is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I like to think I am the best thing that has ever happened to him.

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