Have you ever been so excited to meet someone, you were sure, was to become your next best friend? My mom has a lot of friends but not many of them have 4-legged kids. These friends lavish love on me but after 10 minutes of hearing adults blather away I loose interest, grab a bone and dream of having a BFF.

One spring afternoon my mom and sister came home from a friend’s house smelling of a new dog. I was excited! Tail wagging and ready to meet my new soon-to-be-bestie, we walked over to their house. I rushed through the door, bounded up the steps and there curled into a multicolored ball of fuzz was my new BFF, Addie.

We were going to play tug-of-war (I would allow her a few wins), terrorize the dog park and snuggle up together on the couch after hours of playing. I walked up to her and gently sniffed. Her tiny head popped up, and startled eyes looked straight at me before she let out the meanest growl I have ever heard. I was stunned. My little legs couldn’t scramble me back from her fast enough. Friend?! Oh no, this was to be my frenemy!


Frenemies = when friends become enemies!

Like any well meaning parents, over the next few months, our moms forced us to be together. While outside, Addie would bowl over me, and inside she would sleep in my beds, chew my bones and demand affection from any human that might attempt to give me love. Where was my kindred spirit? Where was my confidant and cuddling companion? Well she wasn’t inside that long-legged mop disguised as a friend.

Months passed and with the winter came Addie’s family holidaying (without her). I couldn’t mock her abandonment as my parents too had been known to leave me behind for warmer waters. For 10 days she would stay with us and I would be harassed.

  • Day 1: hid in my kennel
  • Day 2: came out to eat (I have a girlish figure to maintain)
  • Day 3: honored everyone with my presence but a ‘you can look, don’t touch policy’ ensued
  • Day 4: a winter walk (I may have laughed when ‘Bambi’ slipped on the ice)
  • Day 5: allowed her to lay opposite of me on the couch
  • Day 6: I had a silent agreement and routine with the Mario Andretti of bully stick obliteration.
  • Day 10: I don’t know who was happier to see Addie’s parents return

I watched from the front window as she and her bone crushing miniature jaw departed. She started out as an enemy and she has yet to become my best friend. For now she is my frenemy. As I savor my new bone, I wonder when she will next be at my door?