Dog Meetings

There is no business like show business.

Believe it or not, dogs have meetings too. Usually, dog meetings are organized by their Momagers or personal assistants. In contrary to what James T Kirk once said, dogs don’t take minutes or waste hours during their meetings. Due to a very short attention span, dog meetings are of a short while. Unless… there is bacon or cheese. The presence of which allows them to better focus on the business matters. But getting together for a nice picture is a must.

You’ve been punned… features your stunning pictures selected by me, the fabulous Puchi. The seriously funny captions are composed by the hilariously punny Poodle Dougal.

Check out these dogs that don’t leave anything to a chance and find out what Dougal, the Punny Poodle, had to say about it.

You’ve been punned… 5 Dogs Meetings…

Abyss, Charly & Heavy @polaroidpics

When the XFactor judges start fighting over which acts to take through… #PolaRoidRage

Miss Sailor, a spunky labradoodle pup from NYC @sailordoodle

The waiter promised to bring us some glasses for our wine… but he was clearly just paying lick service!

Benji, Jodie, Tilly, Dougal, Flo, Roxy, Sadie and Maisie @wagytail

Here’s our audition for the Sound of Music remake… Do Re Me Sofa La Ti Do

The nuns invited to the preview of Cistern Act 3 were shocked at the amount of toilet humor.

Beagles Milo, Maddy, Dexter and Daddy Claude from LA@beagleadventures

One of these beagles didn’t want to be just a mere dog like the others, he wanted to be a meerkat.

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You've been punned