12 Hottest Shih Tzu Bachelors

And I said, “I shih tzu not, they are on fire!”

Whoever said a good fluffer is hard to find has most likely never been to Doggywood. Whether they are Shih Tzus, Pugs, Terriers, Poodles, Doodles, Yorkies or Bulldogs – there are plenty of ridiculously good looking, hot, sexy, pawsome, gorgeous, smart, and! available furguys.

Don’t believe me? To prove my point, I’ve picked 12 hottest Shih Tzu bachelors of this summer. Did your favorite Shih Tzu #barkbae or #MCM make the list?

12 Hottest Shih Tzu Bachelors of this Summer

Lylo Natalin, the General Manager of Trans Corp.

Forget Pong. It’s Ponk!

He’s Simba from California. Hottest thing in West LA…

Deep thinker Lucky is simple and sophisticated young man with style from NY


The gangster Ox is simply oxsome!


The manly man Charlie Brown (Sky says hi!)


The perfect gentleman Max


A seriously handsome wrestler Potato


Who is Christian Grey? Watch out for Fifty Shades of Ralphy!


Gus Shihtzuswag – Pink is the new black!


Dougie might just be the most wanted Shih Tzu bachelor

The hot womanizer Flavio is not officially included in this list. Your chances of winning in a lottery are significantly higher than ever locking him down. Bachelor is not a status, it’s his second name. Hence, he will always remain a hot bachelor.


I don’t know what you heard about Flavio

Coming soon: The Hottest French Bulldog Bachelors of the Summer

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This list was conducted in cooperation with my R&D Sky.

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