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Remember our hot tongue out model Rocco? Turns out, there is much more to Rocco than just his irresistible hotness. Rocco is a 15 years young pug who resides in NY. This extraordinary pup loves life and his humans. Rocco is not only one of the hottest tongue out models, he is also a reputable book critic. If you love reading books and are looking for book recommendations or suggestions for what to read next, Rocco is your man!

Remember the Friends episode when Phoebe meets her bf’s fancy parents and she speaks with a faux posh accent and asks, “Where does everyone summah?” This brilliant novel is that and so much more! It’s been described as ‘Bonfire of the Vanities meets Edith Wharton’ and that totally nails it! Taking place in pre-financial crash 2008 NYC, the author Stephanie Clifford sharply portrays Evelyn, a society wanna-be, as she desperately tries to social climb her way into the moneyed ‘haves’, everyone completely oblivious that a giant bubble is about to burst! This must-read is fascinating, witty, and expertly descriptive of the old-money world of debutante balls, summer Adirondack camps, and regattas. Everybody read this!

After you get off that train with the girl (heavily promoted thriller The Girl on the Train), pick up Disclaimer and enjoy a creepy page-turner that will keep you guessing! This explosive psychological mystery tells the tale of a woman living a lie until a novel written about her appears out of nowhere. It’s the perfect beach bag book – engrossing, fast- paced, and extremely well written! Kudos to author Renee Knight for elevating the thriller genre!

This is what I call a “black hole” book – it is so engrossing and overwhelming that you go into a virtual black hole while reading it! It’s the story of four disparate men who meet in college – all go on to be extremely accomplished, but their paths to success are interwoven with great joys and harrowing devastation. Jude’s story, in particular, is shocking and terrifying – one of the unique protagonists in modern fiction. This is a tour de force that will stay with you well after its stunning conclusion!

For some unknown, unwise reason I let this book languish for almost a year before reading it! Don’t miss out on this Pulitzer Prize winner – it’s immensely readable and epic. This inventive tale follows the story of a blind girl in France during WWII and a German gadget-obsessed boy. The short chapters interweave an amazing, quickly paced story that leads both characters to the walled port city of Saint-Malo in Brittany. The story is compelling and haunting, and will have you placing Saint Malo on your travel destination list!

He got it from his momma! Meet Rocco’s Momager the amazing Claudia. The love for books definitely runs in the family.

Meeting @sophiegamand at Powerhouse Arena! Get a copy of Wet Dog, her wonderful photo book! Sophie is amazing and the bookstore rocks too!

For more book recommendation, head over to Rocco’s IG or visit his hashtag #book_pug!

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