On the Plane

I don’t know how you travel but I’m sure that your traveling conditions are much more comfortable than mine. I – just like you –  have to buy a ticket. I sold all of my old cookies to my best friend Rudi just to buy a one way ticket. Thank my successful diet, I was able to join the rest of the passengers in the cabin instead of suitcases in the luggage department. I had a dream of having my own seat. Turned out that there is no such thing as passenger seat for dogs. Dogs do lap travel. You get to enjoy the flight in your waterproof airline approved travel carrier on a human lap. The nicer stewardesses might allow you to stretch your head out the bag. The evil ones come running as soon as they see an inch of your hair out of the bag zone. According to some overrated airline rules, dogs must stay in the pet travel bag during the whole  flight. What about my rights as a customer? Doesn’t money give you the right to make your own rules?