Aloha baby, Let me Show you Hawaii

The Hawaiian shirt is the dog fashion trend of this summer. But did the Hawaiian shirt ever go out of style?

I’d say it went into hiding until the glorious Scruffy brought it back into the spotlight of the doggy fashion. The colorful Hawaiian shirt made buzz long before the scrumptious picture of Scruffy you see above, appeared on his Instagram. Scruffy made his first appearance in this colorful attire when he decided to move to Hawaii. His fluffylicious chest-hair game and the LL Cool J lip action make every player wanna be like him and every chick be with him. Hence, Fluff & Stuff chose him as the official spokesperson for the Na Mea Apau Hawaii unofficial promotional campaign 2035.


Na Mea Apau Hawaii unofficial promotional campaign 2035

In case you haven’t made the connection yet, the Hawaiian shirt, also known as Aloha shirt, is a dress shirt that originated in Hawaii. The buttoned dress shirts are short-sleeved, collared and expose the colorful floral beauty or generic Polynesian motifs. The oldie but goodie Aloha shirts are gender neutral, and may be worn by men or women. And don’t you think of tucking them in.

By now you must wonder where you can get this sexy Hawaiian shirt? The Dog Threads Hawaiian Shirts are made exclusively for Lucy & Co. The shirts, designed and handmade in the USA, are available in red and blue. The Lucy & Co Hawaiian shirt is a comfortable cotton blend with 3 buttons that – depending on the occasion – can be easily unbuttoned. The drama-free Hawaiian shirts are cut to avoid doggy mess. If you still happen to get yourself into some messy shenanigans, you can hide the evidence by hand-washing it in cold water.


Lucy & Co. Hawaiian Shirt in red for 38$

Lucy & Co. Hawaiian Shirt in blue

Lucy & Co. Hawaiian Shirt in blue for 38$

Images @ scruffy_in_seattle © Lucy & Co. @ Freepik