Down. Sit. Play. Strike a Pose.

Confetti is the best. Until you have to pick it up!

Meet the two most colorful Australian Shepherds – the cool Rosco, the beautiful Kiara…. and a cute little Pomeranian that goes by the name Gizmo.

Despite their breed name, the Australian Shepherd or Aussies originated in the western U.S. around 1840s. Their original job description included herding livestock. Today, Aussies remain a working dog at heart. Because herding geese and ducks is so yesterday, Rosco and Kiara are herding in front of the camera. And as you can see, these two are doing a pretty amazing job. One must admit, the woman behind the camera, the Momager Mariela of the three, makes an excellent use of her Canon 70D with a 50mm 1.8f lens.

Take a look at the trio’s pawsome portfolio of colorful pictures.

Down. Sit. Play. Strike a Pose.

Some might call it threesome but we call it tongue meeting. Every Tuesday at 9 am…

Gizmo, Rosco and Kiara… in action

Nothing wrong with being the best dog ever. Wanna be the best dog ever? Visit Dressed by Finn!

I said once and I’ll say it again… Best. Dog. Ever.

When you promise a friend to keep a secret, you’ve gotta make sure it doesn’t accidentally slip out of your mouth.

Your secret is safe with me. #StuffABallInTheirMouth

Often imitated, never duplicated – the LL Cool L lip action. Turns out, girls do it better!

Who do you love? Are you for sure?

This isn’t just partner-look. This is a color coordinated, flannel rocking, hipster quality lean back pose. The hipsters of Terror Squad are in the building! Get your flannel on!

Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.

If you ever wonder what a day in Kiara’s life looks like, here is a little insight.

8 am… Getting ready for the cabriolet ride to work. The hairdo is in place…

11 am… Staring at my computer screen with a pen in my mouth. The hairdo is in place…

5 pm… Traded lunch for the 5 o’clock tea. The hairdo is in place…

8 pm… Dinner date with Tinder mate. The hairdo is in place…

For more colorful pictures and nature shots, head straight to the Downsitplay’s lookbook on Instagram.

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