Desperate House Dogs – The Drama Sitcom

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Remember Melrose Place? Forget it! Desperate House Dogs is a new sitcom-ish drama blog series starring your famous Doggywood stars.

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Desperate House Dogs Season 1 – the first, possibly the only, season of the Desperate House Dogs revolves around to the divalicious struggle of desperate house dogs. It involves love, drama, suspense, crime and action.

I’m constantly casting and negotiating fictional deals with the Momagers of selected Lhasa Poos, Pugs, Yorkies, Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, Boston Terriers and other breeds.

The production of the Desperate House Dogs sitcom takes place in Doggywood. The sitcom-ish drama series is presented to you exclusively on Fluff & Stuff.

At the moment, I still have very little clue what Desperate House Dogs will entail. But I can tell you that much, there will be drama! Hence, I’m the writer, producer, network and production company, I can’t guarantee you anything.

Always stay tuned for more!

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Desperate House Dogs