12 Hottest French Bulldog Bachelors

And I said, “Talk Frenchie to Me!”

Whoever said a good fluffer is hard to find has most likely never been to Doggywood. Whether they are French Bulldogs, Shih Tzus, Pugs, Terriers, Poodles, Doodles, Yorkies or Bulldogs – there are plenty of ridiculously good looking, hot, sexy, pawsome, gorgeous, smart, and! available furguys.

Don’t believe me? To prove my point, I’ve picked 12 hottest French Bulldog bachelors of this summer. Did your favorite Frenchie #barkbae or #MCM make the list?

12 Hottest French Bulldog Bachelors of this Summer

Beau aka Adonis from Athens @bellalovesbeau

Cute little pup Frank lives in Big Apple @bigapplefrenchie

Walter Cronkite Brooklyn based, yo! Brooklyn stand up! @thedailywalter

The real Frenchie Hermès from Paris

Pirate the Frenchie from Singapore @piratethefrenchie

Obi the Frenchie and Jedi Master from Los Angeles @frenchieobiwan

Charlie “The Boss” Gibson from Calgary, Canada @ourdogcharlie

Chibs – the other son of Anarchy from San Diego @chibsthefrenchie

Theo – the serious Frenchie @theobonaparte

Linton – the classy Frenchie @lintonlegend

René-Charles – the flawless Frenchie from NYC @renecharlesnyc

Oscar – the adventurous Frenchie from NYC @oscarfrenchienyc

Coming soon: The Hottest Pug Bachelors of the Summer

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