The Romantic Beau

Beau knows how to strike a pose. And I love me some Beau!

She has become a professional Shih Tzu model and is probably the most romantic and kind girl on Instagram.

Here are 10 interesting facts about the romantic Beau:

  1. I’m a girl dog with a boy name
  2. My love and patience is infinite
  3. I was the slowest in agility
  4. Agility was not my idea
  5. I’m agile when I hear “treats”
  6. My family sings to me & inserts my name in every song possible
  7. If I smell another dog on my family… they get the cold shoulder
  8. I rarely bark, so I ring a bell to go outside
  9. I’m told I have black licorice lips
  10. My new hobby is taking pictures for all of you!

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming. ~Pablo Neruda

I like to drink my tea in the afternoon.

Take a look at her amazing pictures.

Images © beausybear