Thanksgiving Dinner

After a couple of seconds of intensive reading about the controversy of Thanksgiving, I was determined to spend it with love and gratitude. I called a couple of my dogs just to find out that I can barely tolerate them. All they could think about on this day of gratefulness was turkey. Like chicken doesn’t even exist anymore. This is when I realized how much I love chicken. To complete the mission of love I needed chicken. Luckily, I was able to find one in my toyfrigerator. My dear companion Cockerelus, a pilgrim made in China, silently agreed to sabotage the power of the thanksgiving turkey but made me swear that I won’t roast or stuff him with cookies.  Sacrifices you do for love! Long story short, the Thanksgiving mission was successfully accomplished. It was spent with love, gratitude, an empty glass of Hennessy and Cockerelus tanning on my plate like it’s Palm beach.