Sports & Fitness: Dogs Working Out

Do your best and forget the rest. ~P90X Tony Horton.

Dog owners are more likely to exercise regularly and to be fitter and healthier than their pooch-free folks. A research from the Michigan State University states that people who have dogs are 34% more likely to get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week than those with other pets (sorry, cats). These dogs take sports and fitness to a whole new level. Whether it’s weight lifting, tennis, football, soccer, boxing, aerobics or yoga – these pooches will show you how to stay fit and healthy!

Rachel never misses a training session with Rampage @wodtographer

Is it Buster Sharapova or Buster Borg? Either way he’s ready for Wimbledon! @neilmoodie

Oakley catches the ball and… @rhodesian_ridgeback_oakley

then passes the ball to Archie. Touchdown! @archietheminidoodle

Rocky the goalkeeper @rockythecollie

Sumo’s getting his chin ready for Manny Pacquiao @operation_sumo

Hi, my name is Olaf and I’m your new fitness instructor. @olaf_key

I wish exercising was as easy as eating. @hello_boba

Modified Cow stretch – Sunday Yoga with Mr. Coops @hanginwithmrcoops

How many times I’ve gotta tell her that she is doing it wrong! @nina_beans

Are you even looking? Butt up, I said! @Max

The Cobra pose brought to you by Nico @nico_rulz

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