Positive Actions

I deeply admire people whose actions speak louder than words. Positive actions, of course.

For some time now, I have been silently admiring the amazing rescue crew called SASS Rescue on Instagram. Save A Shelter Shih Tzu – SASS Rescue is a small dog rescue group that is passionately dedicated to rescuing Shih Tzus. SASS Rescue was created in 2011 and is run by volunteers who welcome the dogs into their homes and care for them. They take unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray Shih Tzus and attempt to find new suitable homes for them. The care includes lots of treats, affection, attention, training, playing, and handling medical issues.

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

~ Karen Davison, a professional dog trainer and author

I will never grasp how someone can simply abandon a dog, let alone a Shih Tzu. Having a dog is not a requirement, it’s a blessing. Yet, I’m not going to judge those who leave and abandon but praise those who rescue and support.

Many of the SASS supporters on Instagram such as @Vanity_Cult@beausybear, @PuffyMickeyBoy, @HudsontheShihTzu, @kobe_oshi, @shitzu_max, @munchkintheteddybear, @chloe.and.stella, @ralphy_the_shihtzu, @charlieandpipstagram, @shihtzumochi88, @teddibearshihtzu, @iso_2000, @sophieloveslemon, @peanutcharlie, @princess_peekaboo, @chicitycoco, @shihtzuswag, @alice_cooper_in_wonderland, just to name a few, have greatly supported their recent WagAware campaign and/or made donations directly to the SASS rescue group.

Inspired by the glorious and kind deeds of the SASS Rescue and their supporters, I wanted to make a contribution. After visiting the SASS Rescue website, I knew exactly what needs to be done: a new website! So I assigned my PA Team with a task to create a new website. What seemed like a few naps and not enough cookies later, I was informed that the website was designed, programmed and ready to be assessed by my strict but fair self. After just a few minor suggestions for improvement, I gave my blessing to go ahead with the website and to contact the SASS Rescue Team.

Take a look at the new and fabulous SASS Rescue website. And while you are there, feel free to make a donation, help as a volunteer or become a part of the amazing SASS Rescue Team.