Inspired by Louis Vuitton

I love fashion. Shoes are my favorite. When Marc Jacobs asked me to endorse Louis Vuitton, I just couldn’t resist. The whole idea behind the campaign concept originated  from the cheerleading pyramid. My job was to look sexy. Enticing. Coveting. I handled that with bravery. My assigned position – Jennifer’s bottom. Excellent! However, I didn’t manage to understand why did Jennifer get to keep all clothes from the shoot, and I was kindly asked to pay for my own collar. The price of the collar amounted to 1855 in dog money. Clearly, I couldn’t afford that. Frankly, I ate Miss E.’s last but not least credit card last week when I was bored out of my mind. By implication, I was dropped from the campaign and photoshoped out of every ad. The picture below stems from my personal collection. I hope you love it.

Celebrity Mockups