Inside the Science Of How People Think

While reading the article Inside the science of how dogs think I couldn’t help myself but wonder why would any man spend 15 years of his life to figure out the obvious? Mr. Hare claims that

Dogs have figured out how to read human behavior and human gestures better than any other species has, even chimpanzees. Dogs think about the world differently than we do. And we need to figure out what are the constraints on how they solve problems, how is it that they think differently from us. And I think that we’re going to be able to have a much, even richer relationship with dogs than we already do if we figure all that out

I really don’t know what he is trying to figure out. We don’t think differently. We think business. At least I do. Any problem can be solved as long as the reward is worth solving it. So whenever I hear Sit! Shake! Quit barking! Get off the couch! Go find your toy! – I think Show me the money – and if the money is right, your wish is my command.

Puchi, your human behavior expert…