Illustrations For the Love of Dogs

Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up*.

As you may know, creativity inspires me. Instagram happens to be an excellent source for creativity and talent. I highly admire people who can express and communicate their ideas, feelings and thoughts using their talent and passion.

During one of my recent art quests, I discovered the gifted artist Hyejin. Hyejin is a 24 year old student who lives in South Korea. She has been drawing small paintings since she was a little girl. As a matching addition to her amazing illustrating skills, she loves and studies music, majoring in classic piano.

About a year ago, she started drawing pictures of dogs for fun. Her greatest inspiration is her pawsome Spitz named Vow. She draws her illustrations using the sophisticated drawing pen on her Galaxy Note 3 phone and is always on a lookout for dogs, especially the cool ones, wearing fancy clothes and sun glasses.

One thing might surely surprise you – Hyejin doesn’t charge for her paintings. She paints for the love of dogs. I’m very excited to showcase some of her works on Fluff & Stuff.

The original of the photo above by Doce from Brazil

Illustration of Remix the Dog by Hyejin

The original by Remix the Dog, the stylish bearded Miniature Schnauzer

Illustration of Piggy by Hyejin

The original photo of Piggy, Boston Terrier taken by The Dogist

Dog Illustration by Hyejin

Dog Illustration by Hyejin

Dog Illustration by Hyejin

If you like what you see as much as I do, and I know you do, please visit Hyejin on Instagram. You might just be her next inspiration!

*Pablo Picasso
All illustrations @hyejxxl