How to meet great people…

When I created the Instagram account for Puchi, I had no expectations. I thought it’d be nice to have a collection of pictures of my little fluffy sunshine in one place that I can easily access and show to family, friends and random Shih Tzu loves. Ok, maybe a few likes and a couple of comments for my personal satisfaction. I had no idea that Puchi and I will become a part of an amazing community of people who not only share their love for dogs but are also amazing, interesting, talented and kind human beings. I had no clue that it’ll be so much fun.

Any relationship regardless of its matter – business or personal, love or friendship – is based on one simple principle, the one of “give and take”. That’s how you maintain the balance. At times, it’s a real challenge to maintain that balance when it comes to relationships with people. They are complex, full of unknown motives, intentions and subliminal messages.

It’s different with dogs. Our relationship with dogs is clearly defined. I don’t question Puchi’s motives, I know them. I accept the fact that her attention level and her willingness to please me or follow my commands immensely rises when I’m holding a treat in my hand.

Maybe it’s because we accept dogs exactly for what and how they are. Big or small, fluffy or furry, black or white, mixed or pure. They are all beautiful, funny, adorable, and they mean the world to their families. They are not here to fill in the blank spots in our lives or fix our problems. Just like people, they get sick, do silly things, have mood swings and diva attitudes (those of you who have Shih Tzus know exactly what I’m talking about). But what they do, is give you a whole new perspective on life, a new meaning, bring you joy and laughter, teach you patience, kindness and acceptance. We all want to be needed, and who need us more than our dogs?

Our Instagram adventures have become the ultimate source of my inspiration. I look forward to sharing pictures, reading and responding to the uplifting, hilarious and kind comments. While standing in line, sitting in traffic, waiting for my lunch to be served or relaxing after a long day working, I scroll through pictures of my fellow dog lovers, and I smile. Sometimes I even laugh out loud. And when I catch others looking at me, I see them smiling too. Because smiling is contagious. They just can’t help it.

Thank you for creating and sharing happiness and making a difference!

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