My Dog Has More Style Than You

What do Hermès, the French manufacturer of luxury goods, and Hermès, the French Bulldog, have in common?

They both are from Paris and they love bags!

The true Parisien Hermès lives and breathes the capital of fashion, beauty and seduction. His highly talented companion Miss Proutprout came up with an excellent idea that she swiftly turned into reality. She designed a tote bag that was initially meant for her darling Hermès. The message on the bag was simple and clear:

My bulldog has more Style than you

Turns out, she wasn’t the only one who considered their dog super stylish. The tote bag promptly received so much attention that Miss Proutprout had to contact a local atelier to help her cover the unexpected demand.

Hermès Tote Bags are made in Paris

The limited edition of tote bags “My Dog Has More Style Than You” are available in black, red, and blue for Bulldogs, Yorkies, Shih Tzus, Pitbulls and Pugs. Other breeds upon request. For more images of the bags, please visit My Dog Has More Style Than You on Instagram.

Do you think your dog has style?

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The Hermès tote bag costs 20$ | 20€ (incl. shipping)

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Images of bag models © missproutprout © michcant © miss_olive_the_frenchie © maya_on_the_move © iheartwallace © fabulous_shihtzu